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Frequently companies only have themselves insured against the common and known hazards or risks and meet legal requirements. Many hazards or risks often will not be considered. ISO 31000 integrates risk management in all business activities. This ranges from establishing corporate strategy to operational implementation in the individual process steps. The new standard does not turn risk management into still another management system but introduces the perspective of hazards and chances into both strategic management and operational implementation.

  • Risk and safety management means to anticipate coincidence by means of a systematic approach
  • Well-aimed and systematic prevention is the best way to protect the company in order to avert damage done to the company and to increase the opportunity of making higher profits
  • If vulnerability and avoidable hazards are detected, this yields advantages for each company
  • The assessment will be carried out by an accredited Certification Body with qualified auditors
  • Early warning is possible
  • Integration in management systems existing within the company is possible

Assessment acc. to ISO 31000 as well as the Risk Scans can be conducted in combination with a quality, environmental or safety management audit or implemented independently from auditing services.

Target group

Basically risk management can be conducted by companies and organizations independently from the size or sector.


Requirements relating to assessments acc. to ISO 31000

Assessment acc. to ISO 31000, which is conducted by Quality Austria, will be conducted according to an audit plan made together at the site. The assessors are certified Risk Managers or Risk Assessors. The following requirements will be considered:

  • identification of conformity to the requirements placed by the standard
  • people awareness
  • identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • identifying hidden chances and risks and hazards
  • showing alternative methods and practices

Requirements relating to qualityaustria's Risk Quick Scans oder Risk Scans

qualityaustria‘s Risk Scans will be conducted together with top management in the form of a moderated self-assessment by experienced assessors at the site. qualityaustria’s Risk Scan acc. to the 10 RCM Method is a company analysis with a holistic approach:

  • The company’s risk potential will be analyzed on the basis of the 10 RCM Method
  • Based on the 10 RCM Matrix Checklist, a risk related temperature curve will be made for the company

At the Risk Quick Scan, 3 priorities from among the 10 RCM main groups will be chosen by the customer. These priorities will be processed completely. The remaining 7 RCM main groups will be covered by 10 key questions each. The Risk Quick Scan will take approx. 4 hours.

The Risk Scan includes complete processing of all the 10 main groups acc. to the 10 RCM Method and will take 8 hours. All documents and records created during the Risk Quick Scan and Risk Scan will exclusively remain at the customer’s.

Other relevant standards

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001), ISO 55001, ISO 41001, ISO 39001

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