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qualityaustria training for Laboratory Quality Managers and Assessors is accepted as harmonized scheme by EOQ. Over 500 laboratory professionals have been trained from 22 different countries all over the world. Participants representing government metrological institutions, accreditation bodies, testing and calibration laboratories, private industry sectors, international consulting agencies benefited from the integration of qualityaustria know-how in design, implementation and practical application of quality management issues with laboratory specific quality control and assessment techniques. 

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Job profile Laboratory Quality Manager and Laboratory Assessor

The European Organization for Quality (EOQ) training course is designed to teach laboratory personnel and future laboratory assessors how to install, maintain, improve and assess a Laboratory Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 Standard and OECD GLP, and is applicable for laboratories of any size and any activities related to calibration and testing. The training covers valuable topics for accredited or to-be accredited laboratories, such as uncertainty estimation, method validation, proficiency testing, calibration and modern interpretation of traceability subject, as well as audit methods and tools.


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