Focus Audit Status Review for Marketing and Sales


The focus audit is based on a process approach following the workflow of marketing and sales in practice. It is a question of a systematic analysis of maturity of the marketing and sales processes. An independent expert will analyze the status with a reference to a fundamental model. Strong points and concrete opportunities for further development will be shown. In preparation to this assessment, company specific characteristics and questions will be integrated into the model.

The result will be a well-founded and traceable assessment along the analyzed marketing and sales processes and the commensurate sub-processes. The final audit report will be broken down into an executive summary, in which the overall picture that has been created will be condensed, and the underlying lessons learned from the audit - which will be supplemented by the operational managers giving concrete hints.

As for audit documentation, our claim to ensure the hints and recommendations are implementation focused is just as important as our demand for traceability of the states of affairs that have been identified.

Motivation and benefits

Many companies are increasingly facing cost pressure or are operating in markets that are price sensitive and dominated by predatory competition. In this environment, it is increasingly becoming important to develop towards an effective and, above all, efficient marketing and sales structure. In this development, in-depth (self-)reflection is of decisive importance. It is just in this situation that the status review for marketing and sales optimally fits to get a valid picture of the two key issues: Are we in marketing and sales doing the right things (effectively) and are we also doing this work right (efficiently)?

  • Would you like to have an independent assessment of maturity of your marketing and sales process?
  • Do you want to identify blind spots in the sales process? Do you want to understand whether a lack of sales success is due to your processes?
  • Would you like to be sure that no customers or opportunities are lost at the interfaces between the players?

We will be pleased to support you on your way of directing the focus to the things in marketing and sales that are really relevant.

  • adapting the questions and approaches to the specific features of the organization (ensuring the fitting reference framework for assessment)
  • detailed review/assessment of the marketing and sales processes so that identified maturity criteria can help to analyze and assess the skills and capabilities and procedures within the organization just as much as the results achieved
  • elaborating the strengths and the relevant opportunities and spheres of action in relation to processes relevant to marketing and sales

Just derive opportunities for the future for your organization.

Target group

Organizations that would like to increase efficiency of their sales structure but possibly have not identified the levers accurately enough or that simply would like to ask an independent expert to illuminate things from a different perspective.

  • strategy work
  • planning and control
  • marketing
  • service portfolio, value proposition
  • customer acquisition, customer care
  • order acquisition
  • claim management
  • structure and personnel

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