Austria Quality Seal Austrian model company – quality specification for industrial works



Since 1992 the Austria Quality Seal for the Austrian Model Company with its own test criteria has been used to identify outstanding production sites.

The Austria Quality Seal for Austrian Model Companies is awarded to business establishments of any kind: medical practices, restaurants, retail or commercial enterprises as well as organizations that offer at-home nursing care can become part of the quality community by acquiring this seal.

In addition to other models of continuous improvement of corporate quality (such as an ISO certification and business excellence models), organizations carrying this seal demonstrate a competitive edge by delivering extraordinary performances.


With the application for awarding of the right to carry the Austria Quality Seal obliges all seal bearers to fulfil all quality criteria of the respective quality guideline and to comply with terms of use as stated in the OQA General Terms and Conditions that define the Austria Quality Seal's conditions of obtainment and usage.

The right to carry the Austria Quality Seal for the Austrian Model Company is reserved for companies with branches in Austria and is subject to the fulfilment of the Quality Rules for Businesses.

Criteria for Quality Testing

Testing follows OQA General Terms and Conditions based on the following provisions

  • Quality Rules for Businesses
  • Standards
  • Statutory Regulations
  • Quality Agreements
  • Safeguard rules in technology, etc.

The Austria Quality Seal is granted for a fixed period. Accredited or state-licensed testing and inspection authorities will continuously monitor compliance with the guidelines.

Awarding procedure

We will guide customers throughout the entire award procedure: from initial query and application, to auditing, certification and re-testing.

The award procedure has 5 steps.

1. Initial Information

The interested party informs the OQA about the nature and scope of their product or operational site for which the use of the Austria Quality Seal would apply. During an informational interview, it is determined whether the quality of the product or operational site is exceptional. OQA distributes the appropriate information and application forms.

2. Application

The interested party submits an application to the OQA. This entails the obligation to allow the inspection bodies to carry out a full-scale inspection and to make available test samples free of charge.

3. Inspection/Evaluation

The applicant organization contacts an approved inspection authority to commission a test. The inspection authority informs the OQA in writing about a successfully concluded inspection. The inspection report is sent to the client.

4. Conferment

OQA informs the awarded organization in writing about their status as a Quality Seal user and their certificate number. The company receives the certificate.

5. Re-testing

Before status expiration, the company is informed of a re-testing date. The company applies for a re-issuing of the certificate with the OQA and commissions an inspection authority with an inspection. A copy of the application form is submitted with the request for inspection.


Request for cancellation of the right to use the seal must be submitted in writing. Cancellation follows only after six-month notice period submitted before 31 December of every year. The end of the right to use the seal does not automatically mean cancellation. This must be specially applied for because the fees for use would otherwise still continue.


The cost for using the Austria Quality Seal (products and services) or the International Quality Seal consists of

  • Costs for the inspection
  • Association fees

Costs for Inspection

The applicant bears all costs related to carrying out the inspection. Payment for the inspection is due directly with the inspection authority.

Association fees

Please download PDF with the association fees unter "Downloads".


The right to use the Austria Quality Seal for the Austrian Model Company is granted by the OQA for a certain period, for a maximum of two years. The duration is determined by the testing laboratory. Renewals must be requested.

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