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SCP (Safety Certificate Personnel Leasing)

Motivation and benefits

SCP (Safety Certificate Personnel Leasing) is an accredited standard, which is applicable to the assessment and certification of an OH&S (occupational health and safety) management system of personnel leasing companies. SCP is also suitable for the supplier evaluation of companies employing temporary workers provided by personnel leasing companies.

The basis of an OH&S management system is formed by management commitment to establish and manage labour and health protection as an equal-ranking corporate goal. Based on risk assessment of the activities to be expected at the company employing temporary workers provided by personnel leasing companies, the personnel requirements will be defined in a well-aimed manner. This OH&S management system particularly excels by the clear structure and the concrete requirements placed on implementation and documentation.

The OH&S management system is based on a safety, health and environmental (SHE) management, which is based on the SCC Standard. It includes all the important requirements placed on establishing and implementing the OH&S management system. Within the SCC Standard, the SCP Checklist is an integral part and also is the key issue of the system. This SCP Checklist includes all the requirements in the form of questions, hints and test criteria. Furthermore, the required monitoring, steering and management tools, such as communication and inspection and analyses of events (accidents, property damage, etc.) form an integral part.

The current accident statistics and traceable reductions of the frequency of accidents are in the centre of review.

The rate of absence from work through illness and the number of accidents with long-term consequences are reduced. This does not only show the state of health of the employees of the personnel leasing companies is improved but also enhances their motivation. Co-operation is made much easier. Costs accruing to the companies concerned and economy as a whole due to accidents can be avoided.

  • reducing and avoiding losses due to accidents
  • promoting the internal healthcare system
Target group

personnel leasing companies


Within the SCP Standard, the SCP Checklist is the key issue of the system. This checklist includes all the requirements in the form of questions, hints and test criteria. The checklist is based on seven elements and is excellently suited to manage labour and health protection in a company:

  • principle of safety, health and environmental (SHE) protection
  • training, information, briefing
  • SHE communication
  • SHE project monitoring
  • internal healthcare system
  • reporting, registering and studying accidents, almost incidents and unsafe situations
  • SHE identifying, SHE action plan

The requirements placed by the compulsory questions must be completely fulfilled without exception. As for the requirements placed by the supplementary questions, a minimum number of points must be fulfilled. This minimum number of points is determined by summing up the points assigned for all the questions.

Accreditations or registrations

Acc. to the Federal Law Gazette, 153rd Regulation, which was published on 22 May 2009, Quality Austria - Trainings, Zertifizierungs und Begutachtungs GmbH is accredited for certifying organizations acc. to SCP.

Other relevant standards

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SCP, SA 8000, SQAS, ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001), EN 13816,Rail safety according to articel 9 of Directive (EU) 2016/798 (2004/49)

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