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SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors)

Motivation and benefits

SCC („Safety Certificate Contractors“) is an international standard for safety, health and environmental management for technical service providers and loan-employment agencies, which become active in the client’s premises. This standard defines also requirements placed on sub-contractors in a uniform manner. Sub-contractors are external companies that are active in the customer’s premises and provide technical services, e.g. construction companies, maintenance and installation companies as well as cleaning, transport and waste disposal companies. Freight and forwarding companies are exempted.

SCC is a certification procedure for safety management systems while considering relevant health and environmental aspects. The Certificate acc. to SCC can be acquired along with the Certificates acc. to ISO 9000ff, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, EN 13816 and SMS §39 EisbG EU RL 2004/49/EG.

The SCC Standard has been developed in order to make the requirements placed on contractors and subcontractors relating to occupational safety and health and environmental protection consistent and uniform.
SCC is a benchmark that is voluntarily used to design and certify a safety system. Conformity to this standard is reviewed by an independent Certification Body. The current accident statistics, training, goals and traceable reductions of the frequency of accidents are in the centre of review.

SCC contains the following types:

  • SCC*
  • SCC**
  • SCCP– as a certificate for the petrochemical industry

These types are differ in the evaluation criteria, auditing scope and number of compulsory questions.
SCC is so generic that it can be taken over by all the sectors without any problems.

  • ensuring high safety, health and environmental (SHE) levels and aiming at continually increasing these levels
  • identifying and assessing risks
  • choice, information and training of the personnel acc. to SHE criteria
  • improving the internal healthcare system
  • aligning purchasing to the SHE criteria for engine, facility and services
  • preparation for emergencies
  • reporting, registering and studying accidents, incidents, unsafe situations and occupational illnesses
Target group
  • all the companies providing technical services to third parties
  • planning, construction, installation and maintenance companies
  • cleaning and waste disposal companies

Within the SCC Standard, the SCC Checklist is the key issue of the system. This SCC Checklist includes all the requirements in the form of questions, hints and test criteria. The checklist is based on ten elements and is excellently suited to manage labour and health protection.

The questions formulated in the clauses are subdivided into “compulsory questions” and “supplementary questions”.
The requirements placed by the compulsory questions must be completely fulfilled without exception. As for the requirements placed by the supplementary questions, a minimum number of points must be fulfilled. This minimum number of points is determined by summing up the points assigned for all the questions.

Depending on the company size, SCC* and SCC** Certificates will be issued. SCC* (restricted Certificate) is designed for smaller companies with no more than 35 employees. At this Certificate, the SHE management activities are directly assessed on the place of work. SCC** (unrestricted Certificate) is designed for companies with more than 35 employees. If companies employ sub-contractors for technical services, SCC** will be applied independently from the number of employees. At SCC**, assessment that is directly made on the place of work is complemented by reviewing the SHE management system. At SCC P, as a certificate for the petrochemical industry, additionally to the evaluation criteria and auditing scope under SCC** - the fulfillment of all specific requirements in petrochemical industry and refineries is expected.

Accreditations or registrations

Acc. to the Federal Law Gazette, 153rd Regulation, which was published on 22 May 2009, Quality Austria - Trainings, Zertifizierungs und Begutachtungs GmbH is accredited for certifying organizations acc. to SCC.

Other relevant standards

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SCP, SA 8000, SQAS, ISO 45001, EN 13816, Rail safety according to articel 9 of Directive (EU) 2016/798 (2004/49)

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