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Focus Audit Legal Certainty in Occupational Safety


A competent auditor will conduct the focus audit in the form of a workshop with a group of relevant persons within the company. The group of participants should consist of approx. 5 persons. The participants will be named by the company.

The auditor will moderate the questions out of the checklist and take the answers over to the checklist. The degree of implementation will be reviewed by the group. At the end of the audit, a prioritized overview list based on the checklist will be available. Thus there will be an overview of the status of implementation of the legal requirements relating to the Act on Labour Protection. The checklist elaborated will remain at the customer’s.

Motivation and benefits
  • certainty about the status of compliance with the most important legal requirements relating to labour protection;
  • basis for deriving follow-up actions helping to improve the present situation;
  • basis for establishing sustainable labour protection management;
  • increased legal certainty for the persons responsible for labour protection within the company
  • determining the actual state relating to compliance with the relevant legal requirements
  • prioritization of the spheres of action
  • raising awareness of the topic of labour protection among the participants
Target group

Any companies that want to become better in the field of labour protection and want to determine their current status of implementation for this purpose


Based on the relevant penal provisions of the Act on Labour Protection, a bow is stretched over the most important legal requirements relating to labour protection:

  • identifying risks in terms of the penal provisions of the Act on Labour Protection;
  • general legal bases;
  • competence, instruction, information;
  • work equipment;
  • operating materials and substances;
  • working premises;
  • workplace evaluation;
  • personal protective equipment;
  • coordination, handing over, reporting duties;
  • duty to inspect and test work equipment

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