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GRL03: Austria Quality Seal Health Tourism – Best Health Austria


OQA Zertifizierungs-GmbH is accredited by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) as a Certification Body for Products acc. to ISO/IEC 17065 (Exception: GRL 06 Doctor´s Offices).

For certification and issuance of the Austria Quality Seal, the respective Quality Guideline and the General Terms and Conditions apply.


The accredited Austrian Quality Seal is awarded to organizations and companies that have been tested by OQA experts on the basis of applicable quality guidelines and have been certified by the OQA. In the course of the evaluation, OQA experts will indicate success factors and improvement potential that will guarantee the applicant optimized structures, processes and procedures as well as quality enhancement in the provision of services.


Applicant organizations place the focus of their actions on the general well-being of the client’s body and mind, and the social environment. This message shall not only be conveyed through practiced values but also by creating an adequate environment for all senses. These targets can be achieved through therapeutic and / or preventive measures leading to a change in lifestyle, which is beneficial to the patients’ health. A key element of successful health tourism is a high degree of customer and employee satisfaction. These factors assure the position of Austrian Health Tourism and contribute to its further development, also on the international market.

Target group

With the „Austria Quality Seal Health Tourism – Best Health Austria”, OQA addresses hotels and guesthouses, spas and convalescent homes (details can be found in Quality Guideline 03).


The Austria Quality Seal focuses on the satisfaction of guests and serves as an objective proof of service quality. Therefore, the “Austria Quality Seal Health Tourism – Best Health Austria” is a decision aid for guests of health, rehabilitation or wellness and spa resorts as it provides a periodic and independent review of quality at all levels. Guests are supported and encouraged in their individual responsibility for their own health. Satisfied, well-trained and health-conscious employees contribute to increase the guests’ wellbeing. New guests can find the employees on the website, where clients can also search for a suitable organization for their therapies, treatments, regions, priorities and offers.

Companies / facilities awarded with the Austria Quality Seal are allowed to use the Seal in active advertising and public relations (e.g. in catalogues, forms, websites, door plates etc.) and thereby will increase their degree of awareness and reputation.


In addition to complying with legal requirements, therapies and treatments with proven health benefits are carried out by appropriately trained personnel.

Furthermore, compliance with the Quality Guideline requirements must be ensured during validity of the certificate.  

 (Managing) personnel is required to participate in the accredited training course series „BHA Expert” (Requirements: see www.besthealthaustria.com).


Basis is the Quality Guideline GRL 03. The requirements are divided into two levels: Level 1 (Best Health Austria Partner) and Level 2 (Best Health Austria Premium Partner), whereas Level 2 guarantees compliance with the highest requirements and quality at the highest stage.   

Management philosophy

  • Personal commitment of top management
  • Commitment to the region and nature
  • Partnerships
  • Social commitment


  • General requirements
  • Requirements concerning employees
  • Records
  • Internal communication
  • Innovation / development of services
  • Customer satisfaction during their stay
  • Continual improvement of the organization’s services

Service provision

  • General requirements / mission
  • Service offering and availability
  • Service provision (performance chain)


  • Infrastructure
  • Nutrition
  • Cleanliness and hygiene

Initial audit

  • Preliminary examination (questionnaire)
  • Main audit on-site
  • Inspection and surveillance report
  • Certificate (validity period: 3 years)

Surveillance audit

  • After 12 and 24 months
  • Same procedure as with initial audit (without preliminary examination)
  • Inspection and surveillance report

Recertification / renewal audit

  • After 3 years
  • Scope and procedure as with initial audit
  • Inspection and surveillance report
  • Certificate

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