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GRL01: Austria Quality Seal Care Facilities For elderly People (residential and in-patient)


OQA Zertifizierungs-GmbH is accredited by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) as a Certification Body for Products acc. to ISO/IEC 17065 (Exception: GRL 06 Doctor´s Offices).

For certification and issuance of the Austria Quality Seal, the respective Quality Guideline and the General Terms and Conditions apply.


Proof of professionalism and a high level of service quality in care will become increasingly important in future, not only for reasons of market development, financing or legislation but also to better serve the needs of residents and patients.

Applicants voluntarily undertake to provide and develop a high and comprehensible level of quality in care. For this reason, the Austria Quality Seal not only is an official proof of quality to residents and patients but also to relatives, authorities etc.


The accredited Austrian Quality Seal is awarded to organizations and companies that have been tested by OQA experts on the basis of applicable quality guidelines and have been certified by the OQA. In the course of the evaluation, OQA experts will indicate success factors and improvement potential that will guarantee the applicant optimized structures, processes and procedures as well as quality enhancement in the provision of services.

Target group

With the Austria Quality Seal „Care facilities for elderly people (residential and in-patient)“, OQA addresses inpatient nursing and care facilities, retirement homes, nursing homes, residential care homes for the elderly and hospitals with geriatrics departments.


The Austria Quality Seal focuses on care and support, thus providing a proof of service quality to residents, patients and their families. It allows residents, patients and families to distinguish clearly between individual organizations and creates a feeling of being well taken care of.

Employees are actively involved. This not only raises awareness for the importance of one’s work, but also promotes the generation of new ideas and opportunities for improvement. Creativity, problem-solving skills and employee motivation are supported by implementing the Austria Quality Seal.

Satisfied residents and motivated employees are major benefits to an organization. Furthermore, bearers of the Austria Quality Seal „Care Facilities for elderly people (residential and in-patient)” are allowed to use the Seal in active advertisement and on publicity materials, such as forms, folder, brochures etc. An organization bearing the Seal can thus increase its degree of awareness and its reputation. Another benefit that comes along with it in the long term is continual improvement and the opportunity to implement a quality management system for the overall organization.


Compliance with legal requirements and employment of qualified and trained personnel with clearly assigned responsibilities within the organization, as well as appropriate technical, medicinal and nursing equipment including its servicing and maintenance are prerequisites.

In addition, compliance with the Quality Guideline requirements must be ensured during validity of the certificate.


Basis is the Quality Guideline GRL 01. The quality criteria comprise legal and strategic questions, defined objectives and how to achieve them, as well as care and life in Care Facilities. Priority is also given to questions on structure and organization.


  • Executive powers
  • Official authorization (operation permit)
  • Notification requirements
  • Registration
  • Insurance
  • Contracts

Principles and strategy

  • Concept and information material
  • Objectives and focal points
  • Targets
  • Achievement of objectives

Care and life in the facility

  • Care system, model, documentation
  • Standards in care, life in the care facility,
  • Integration and involvement of relatives and / or caregivers,
  • Care planning, ongoing monitoring, review of care targets and feedback,
  • Customer service and feedback


  • Organizational structure and process organization
  • Responsibilities, training and advanced training, experience
  • Head of home care and nursing facilities
  • Care managers and head of department
  • Care personnel
  • Representatives, job descriptions
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Internal communication and Erfa / contemplation

Initial audit

  • Preliminary examination (questionnaire)
  • Main audit on-site
  • Inspection and surveillance report
  • Certificate (validity period: 3 years)

Surveillance audit

  • After 12 and 24 months
  • Same procedure as with initial audit (excl. preliminary examination)
  • Number and type of samples (only half of it)
  • Focus area is possible
  • Inspection and surveillance report

Recertification / renewal audit

  • After 3 years
  • Scope and procedure as with initial audit
  • Inspection and surveillance report
  • Certificate

The operations / facilities are inspected by qualified OQA technical experts.

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