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Service Allergy Suisse Label

Motivation and benefits

The Swiss Allergy Label is applicable to a wide range of consumer goods and services. Since its launch in 2006, thousands of certified food products passed over the counter of wholesalers and specialist shops. Various cosmetics lines, cleaning agents, technical products and other consumer goods bear the quality seal. It is registered in numerous countries with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IGE/IPI) and is hence a protected individual trademark. It indicates a clear added value of the labeled products and ensures safety to people with allergies and intolerances.


The Swiss Allergy Label assures added value of the certified products or services for persons affected by an allergy or intolerance. The trustworthiness of quality seals with certification is therefore very high.

Target group

Food products and restaurants, but also a variety of other products, such as textile fabrics, cosmetics, detergents or cleaning agents can carry the Swiss Allergy Label.


With this quality seal with certification, several checks by independent agencies are guaranteed. This means Quality Austria, as an accredited certification body, will check and confirm the results of initial tests. This ensures transparency and independent inspection. However, the Swiss Allergy Label does not mean that a product is absolutely allergen-free, but it does guarantee that the requirements set out in the regulations are clearly and strictly complied with.

Other relevant standards

IFS Food, FSSC 22000, BRC GS Food

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