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EFB-Audits for Certified Waste Disposal Contractors


If a company is certified as an EFB (Entsorgungsfachbetrieb – company specialized in waste disposal), fulfilment of the following requirements placed in a stringent rating system is documented and made traceable for the client: reliability of the service, training of the personnel and compliance with all legal requirements.

Motivation and benefits
  • legal certainty;
  • increase of competitiveness;
  • long-term securing of the business activities;
  • increase of customer satisfaction;
  • possibility of integrated audits combining ISO 9001, ISO 14001, the EMAS Regulation and SCC;
  • acknowledging professional waste treatment;
  • ingoing documentation of quality;
  • optimization of processes and operations;
  • use of the EFB Logo as a quality seal
Objective target

The EFB’s voluntary quality review means safety and certainty – for the clients, the waste disposal companies themselves, the public and the environment.

Certification is done on a voluntary basis and thus is voluntary self-commitment of trade and industry, which does not necessitate any legal basis.


Quality review which the waste disposal company undergoes is based on the following requirements that need to be met and thus form the basis for certification:

  • requirements placed on the structure;
  • requirements placed on human resources;
  • maintaining a diary;
  • ensuring insurance protection;
  • requirements relating to the activities;
  • requirements placed on the company owner;
  • requirements placed on the persons responsible for managing and supervising operations;
  • requirements placed on the other employees;
  • requirements placed on further training

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