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VDA 6.3 – Qualification for Process Auditor


The VDA 6.3 process audit is an effective procedure for assessing processes in connection with planning and manufacturing of a product. These audits are usually conducted within the organisation or with suppliers prior to series release, but also form a valuable contribution for process optimisation with already existing manufacturing lines. Furthermore, potential analysis – as part of VDA 6.3 – also constitutes a tried and tested method to select new suppliers.

The third and complete revision of the VDA standard in 2016 had the main objective of simplifying and unifying the standard in order to give it a more practical and international orientation. With these new advantages, the worldwide importance of VDA 6.3 has increased. Moreover, this process audit standard can now also be applied to further sectors such as mechanical engineering and wind power.

In order to conduct VDA 6.3 process audits, comprehensive knowledge, experience and competence is necessary. Thus, the qualification of relevant personnel is indispensable. In our VDA 6.3 trainings the participants acquire the necessary background knowledge and understanding for process audit procedures.

Target audience

This four-day training addresses QM personnel tasked with conducting process audits in their own organisations (internally) or in the supply chain (externally), as well as external auditors (deployment as service providers).

Prerequisites for participation

Knowledge of the common quality tools and methods, the applicable management system requirements and further applicable customer-specific requirements, as well as product and process-specific knowledge in the intended field of application, is necessary for this training. Furthermore, depending on their scope of activity, participants should have the respective professional experience according to VDA Volume 6.3 and an auditor qualification based on DIN EN ISO 19011.


Taking into consideration the process approach and the respective customerspecific requirements, this training introduces the basics for VDA 6.3 process auditors for holistic application in automotive industry. This includes general requirements, methods, principles, the evaluation scheme, risk analysis. In addition, the underlying questionnaire is completely explained according to the assigned process elements (P1 – P7) so that participants can identify the respective risks along the supply chain and demonstrate the respective potential. The goal is to ensure a reliable assessment. Furthermore, the code of conduct for process auditors and the current SIs and FAQs are presented.

Concept and Methods

During this training, technical lectures and group exercises alternate in order to support the transfer of the topics into the participants‘ own work practice with a particular focus on exchanging experiences between participants and the trainer.

Supplementary Material 

VDA Volume 6.3
For the current edition of the VDA 6.3 process audit, a new evaluation and documentation tool has been developed as a web application. Users can obtain the VDA 6.3 Analysis Tool from the VDA QMC webshop:


  • 17. - 20.02.2020, Vienna (German)
  • 04. - 07.05.2020, Linz (German)
  • 15. - 18.06.2020, Graz (German)
  • 14. - 17.09.2020, Vienna (German)
  • 19. - 22.10.2020, Graz
  • 16. - 19.11.2020, Linz (German)

Duration: 4 days

Further dates can be found at AC Styria.


€ 2.400,- (excl. 20 % VAT.)

Certificate and application

Certificate of qualification

After passing the test, the participants will receive a certificate of qualification.


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