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Upgrade-Training from PSB to Product Safety & Conformity Representative (PSCR)


Every organisation within the automotive supply chain is obliged to ensure the safety and conformity of its products. To this end, the current legal statuses of product integrity applicable in the respective countries and regions must be observed, also the justifiable safety expectations of the general public. If obviously unsafe products or products whose conformity to legal require­ments is questionable are on the market, those who are respon­sible shall be obliged to take the necessary actions.

These manifold tasks which product safety representative has to deal with are subject to constant change. In order to identify the challenges and implement them in one’s own organisation, it is thus necessary to renew and deepen existing knowledge. This is the aim of this one-day upgrade qualification: It is specifically geared to the requirements in the participants’ daily practice. The newest insights into product integrity are explored in four modules, and the competence as product safety representative is developed.


Target Audience

This training addresses product safety representatives from organisations that are part of the automotive supply chain.

Prerequisites for Attendance

Participants must have attended a product safety representative training within the past two years and also possess knowledge in automotive quality management.


The focus is on teaching product safety representatives expert and state of the art knowledge. This strengthens their compe­tence to master their everyday work. Responsibilities throughout the complete supply chain from design and development over manufacture and use all the way to the termination of intended use are also considered.

Particularly, the topics organisation of product integrity, product integrity in the product lifecycle, guidance for product noncon­formities and examples for tools and methods are dealt are dealt with in particular.

Concept and Methods

During this training, technical lectures and exercises alternate in order to support the transfer of the topics into the participants‘ own work environment with a particular focus on exchanging experiences between participants and the trainer.



  • 26.05.2020, Vienna (German)

Duration: 1 day


EUR 700,- (excl. 20 % VAT.) incl. VDA Volume Product Integrity and Conformity

Certificate and Application

Certificate of Qualification

After passing the test, the participants will receive a certificate of qualification.


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